Universe at War Universe at War

Prijs incl. BTW: Euro  19 9,-
Medium: DVD-Rom
Verpakking: DVD Box
Producent: Sega
Taal: Volledig Engelstalig
Leeftijdsindicatie: 16+
Op. System: WindowsXP/Vista
Min. Configuratie: P2800, 1GbRAM, 128Mb-3D
Genre: RealTime SF Wargame
Bijzonderheden: Internet, Netwerk
Internet: www.sega-europe.com

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Universe at War: Earth Assault is the next sci-fi real-time strategy game
from Petroglyph, the award-winning developer comprised of ex-Westwood Studios
members that developed the original Command & Conquer and C&C: Red Alert.
The latest strategy game from these RTS pioneers features unprecedented level
of customization and an epic storyline set on near-future Earth. Powerful
forces from across the universe have brought war to our planet. In Universe
at War, you take command of several unique factions with awesome powers and
spectacular units. Control massive-scale alien war machines that are fully
customizable. With "Tactical Dynamics," Universe at War's on-the-fly tactical
customization system, you can dynamically swap out weaponry, rework your tech
tree, and retrain units in the middle of combat to thwart your foe and seize
the advantage. This advance on the traditional rock-paper-scissors model of
balance gives players even more control over how they respond and adapt to
their opponent's strategies.