Squad Battles Vietnam Vietnam

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Medium: DVD-Rom
Verpakking: Jewel Case
Producent: HPS Simulations
Taal: Volledig Engelstalig
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Op. System: Windows98/ME/XP
Min. Configuratie: P200, 32MbRAM, 16MbSVGA
Genre: Strategisch Vietnam Wargame
Gerelateerd met: Squad Battles Korea 
Bijzonderheden: - Internet, Netwerk, Modem
                - Scenario Editor
                - Order of Battle Editor
Internet: www.hpssims.com

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A small country in Southeast Asia, where conflict between old and new had been
going on for years, was to engulf the United states in a war that eventually
expanded beyond expectations to become one of the longest and most bitter engage-
ments in our nation's history. Despite an overwhelming advantage in material,
using instruments of war such as the helicopter in ways never before seen in
combat, the United States and his allies found themselves battling a determined
foe in the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam. Regardless of the political and
moral outcome of the war, the individual Army and Marine soldier who fought there
saw events in a very definite manner, of war as it had always been fought, man
against man in small firefights that would otherwise be lost to history. These
small battles together form a story of war unique to history and to our country's