Second Sight Second Sight

Prijs incl. BTW: Euro  42 9,-
Medium: CD-Rom
Verpakking: DVD Box
Producent: Codemasters
Taal: NL/Fr Handleiding
Leeftijdsindicatie: 15+
Op. System: Windows00/XP
Min. Configuratie: P3/1000, 256MbRAM, 64Mb-3D
Genre: Action Game

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Redefining the standards for stealth action 
gameplay, Second Sight combines a psychological 
thriller with paranormal psychic abilities, stealthy exploration and intense 
shooter action. Take control of John Vattic, as he awakens from a coma in 
an US medical facility where he has been subjected to traumatic surgery 
and experimentation. With the ability to psychicaly influence characters 
and remotely manipulate objects and individuals, John Vattic must try to 
escape and unravel the mystery that has led to his imprisonment.