Ultima Online Samurai Empire UO: Samurai Empire

Prijs incl. BTW: Euro 17,-
Medium: CD-Rom
Verpakking: Mini Box
Producent: Electronic Arts
Taal: Volledig Engelstalig Pakket
Leeftijdsindicatie: 16+
Op. System: Windows98SE/XP
Min. Configuratie: P3/500, 128MbRAM, 32Mb-3D
                   Internet aansluiting en 56,6kB modem
Genre: Online Role Playing Game
Gerelateerd met: Opvolger van Ultima Online 7th Anniversary 
Bijzonderheden: LET OP: Het betreft hier een Internet-
game van zeer hoge kwaliteit, u wordt geregistreerd via
internet bij Origin. Een creditcard is hiervoor noodzakelijk.
De verpakking mag NIET verbroken worden als u het niet met de 
leveringsvoorwaarden eens bent (zie hiervoor www.ultimaonline.com)
Inclustief de vorige delen van Ultima Online
Internet: www.uo.com

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A New Empire Awaits:
* Zento: New Samurai and Ninja begin their training in the bustling city of Zento,
 where you'll find shops, services and new housing opportunities.
* Winter Spur: Fear the Lady of the Snow, an undead spirit who haunts the frozen tundra 
on Tokuno. She can turn a warrior to ice with but a touch.
* Valley of the Sleeping Dragons:  One of the most feared beasts of Tokuna, the Hiryu 
is also one of the most valued. Once tamed, this winged dragon is a fearsome alley.
* Fan Dancer Dojo: Don't be fooled by the Fan Dancer's beauty, for it hides the heart of 
an assasin. Only the couragous and foolish venture into her home.
Enter the World of Samurai and Ninja:
* Become a Samurai Master: Dedicate yoiurself to the art of Bushido, with powerful new 
skills and deadly new weapons.
* Join an elite Ninja Clan: Submit to the discipline of Ninjitsu, mastering stealth, 
decption, and the art of assassination.
* Adventure on a New Continent: Explore a new Japanese-themed land filled with 
scenic housing areas, mythical creatures, monsters, dungeons and more.
* Lay Claim to Exotic, New Treasures: New weapons, armor, clothing, house tiles, 
magic, and more will reward the adventurous.
* Powerful New Guild Systems: Create a Guild, set up ranks, declare wars on other guilds, 
and set win conditions. Recuit guildmates and increase your power with ease.