Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Prijs incl. BTW: Euro 19,-
Medium: CD-Rom
Verpakking: DVD-box
Producent: Electronic Arts
Taal: Geheel UK Pakket
Leeftijdsindicatie: 3+
Op. System: WindowsXP/Vista
Min. Configuratie: P1600, 256MbRAM, 64Mb-3D
Genre: Golf Simulator
Gerelateerd met: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 
Bijzonderheden: Internet, Netwerk
Internet: www.electronicarts.nl

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Take on the world in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08. For the first time,
every portion of your game is recorded-from your opening drive on the first
hole in Play Now mode to your final putt in the FedEx Cup Championship.
Post your most amazing-and unthinkable-performances on EA SPORTST GamerNet,
a revolutionary interactive gaming hub that hosts user-created content
online. Set the bar high by posting your top moments, and take on challenges
set by others, to determine the world's greatest golfer once and for all.
Whether you're uploading an unbeatable round or the craziest shot,
take the world by storm with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08.