Samengestelde Pakketten

6 Pack Fantasy Pack CD Euro 29,-: Dragon Throne, Prince of Qin, Robin
 Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, Disciples 2: Guardians of the Light,
 Disciples 2: Servants of the Dark, Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy.
Awesome 4 Pack 4CD Euro 19,-: Entomorph, Steel Panthers, Cyberspeed,
 SU-27 Flanker. 
Bullfrog 3 Pack CD Euro  39  19,-: Hi-Octane, Magic Carpet, Theme Park.
The Conqueror's Collection CD Euro 59,-: Celtic Kings, Waterloo,
 Civil War Colelction, Tiberian Sun, Alpha Centauri.
Combat Classics 3,5 Euro 19,- : -F-15 Strike Eagle II, Team Yankee,
 688 Attack Sub.
Double Value Games CD Euro 15,-: Beneath a Steel Sky, Cannon Fodder.
Entertainment Volume 1 4CD Euro 25,-: The terminator Rampage, The Magic
 Death: Virtual Murder 2, The C.H.A.O.S. Continuum, Ultimate Domain.
Gamer's Choise Blue 5CD Euro 19,-: Counter Strike, Team Apache,
 Panzer Commander, WarBreeds, SU-27 Squadron Commanders Edition.
Gamer's Choise Grey 6CD Euro 29,-: John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles,
 Final Liberation, Human Onslaught, Panzer General 2, World Legue
Interplay's 15th Anniversary 6CD Euro 49,-: Fallout, Norse by Norsewest,
 M.A.X., Redneck Rampage, Shattered Steel, Solitaire deLuxe, Stonekeep,
 Virtual Pool, Battle Chess, Beat the House, Castles 2, Conquest o/t 
 New World deLuxe, Descent, Dragon Wars.
Mac Pack CD Euro 39,-: King's Quest VII, SimCity Classic, Leisure
 Suit Larry VI, Lyriq Crosswords, Outpost, Pegleg, Space Madness, 
 Lunicus, Dr. T's Around the World, Jump Raven.
Microprose Coolection CD Euro 29,-: B-17 Flying Forctress,
 David leadbetter's Instructional Golf Sim, Railroad Tycoon.
Power Game Pack 3,5 Euro  39  19,-: -Railroad Tycoon, Grand Prix Circuit,
 PGA Tour Golf, Sargon V, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. 
Science Fiction Collection CD Euro 49,-: Iron Helix, Star Control,
 Star Crusader, Spaceward Ho!, Star Control 2, Millenia; Altered
Sci-Fi PowerHits 5,25 + 3,5 Euro 39,-: -Prophecy, Tongue o/t Fat Man, 
 DeathTrack, Circuit's Edge, Mines of Titan. 
Soccer Stars '96 CD Euro 39,-: -FIFA Soccer, On the Ball, Premier 
 Manager III, Kick Off III.
Top Ten Red Pack CD Euro 39,-: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, NHL 2000,
 SimCity 2000 SE, F1 2000, Championship Bass, Superbike World
 Championship, Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island, Sid Meier's Civil
 War Collection, Nuclear Strike, Sim Safari.
Triple Action I CD Euro 15,-: F-14 Tomcat,Hammer Boy, Flashy Cars. 
Triple Action II CD Euro 15,-: Battletech II, Megaphoenix, Scrylis. 
Triple Conflict CD Euro 39,-: Conflict o/t New World deLuxe, M.A.X. 
 Mechanized Assault & Exploration, Warcraft orcs & Humans.  
Ultimate Game Collection CD Euro 35,-: Ultima 1 t/m 6, Space Ship
 Warlock, Spear of Destiny, Jetfighter 2, Spectre VR, Quantum Gate.
Ultimate Wargame Collection 3: Modern Warfare CD Euro 39,-: Su-27
 Squadron Commander's Edition, People's General, Team Apache,
 Steel Panthers 3.
The Vault of Darkness CD Euro 69,-: Dracula: The Last Sanctuary,
 Dungeon Keeper 2, American Mcgee's Alice, Clive Barker's Undying,
 Dracula: Resurrection.

The Conqueror's Collection

6 Pack Fantasy Pack

Vault of Darkness