Squad Battles Korea Korea

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Medium: DVD-Rom
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Op. System: Windows98/ME/XP
Min. Configuratie: P200, 32MbRAM, 16MbSVGA
Genre: Strategisch WW2 Wargame
Gerelateerd met: Squad Battles Eagles Strike 
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On a raining summer morning, June 25th, 1950, the emerging Cold War between
Communist nations and those of the Free World suddenly got very hot. For a
little over three years, Korea became the center of world attention. The
so-called "Police Action" was all out war for those who served there. Through
a series of see-saw actions the violence of this conflict shock the world. Now
Squad Battles captures the emotional reality of those three years with 70
scenarios and three campaigns that will give you a real feel and understanding
of just what occured in that far-off Asian land.