Hellgate London Hellgate London

Prijs incl. BTW: Euro 15,-
Medium: DVD-Rom
Verpakking: DVD-Box
Producent: Electronic Arts
Taal: NL Handleiding
Leeftijdsindicatie: 18+
Op. System: WindowsXP/Vista
Min. Configuratie: P1800, 1GbRAM, 128Mb-3D
Genre: Actie Role Playing Game
Bijzonderheden: Internet
Internet: www.hellgatelondon.com

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London, 2038. According to legend, when the ravens depart the
Tower of London, it will crumble to rubble and disaster will befall
England. As man became more dependent on science, believing only in
what he could define or create, ancient knowledge and rituals were
lost to the antiquity of time. Prophecies that had stood as warning
for untold generations were seen as archaic folly or ignorant
So, when the harbingers of evil began to manifest, few saw and
fewer believed. When the demons finally came, there was little
that stood in their way.