Naval Campaigns Guadalcanal Guadalcanal

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Genre: Strategic Naval Wargame
Gerelateerd met: Naval Campaign Jutland 
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The Japanese had caught the Americans off guard at Pearl Harbor, but since then
the forces of the American army and navy had been fighting back. The American
military attacked the Japanese positions on the island of Guadalcanal but both
sides were determined to prevail. While fighting took place on the island itself,
a fierce struggle occured in the waters of Guadalcanal and Savo Island. The in-
experienced American Navy, with the advantage of radar, was fighting against the
Japanese Imperial Navy and their superior torpedoes. This action would result in
such familiar names as Ironbottom Sound and the Tokyo Express. The outcome would
determine, if the American campaign to retake the Solomon Islands could succeed
or if the Japanese would retain their conquered empire.