Ancient Warfare Gallic Wars Gallic Wars

Prijs incl. BTW: Euro 42,-
Medium: DVD-Rom
Verpakking: Jewel Case
Producent: HPS Simulations
Taal: Volledig Engelstalig
Leeftijdsindicatie: geen
Op. System: Windows00/ME/XP
Min. Configuratie: P1000, 256MbRAM, 16MbSVGA
Genre: Strategisch Historisch Wargame
Gerelateerd met: Opvolger van The Punic Wars

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One of the most famous episodes in ancient history, Ceasar who led the
disciplined Legions of the Roman Republic across North & Western Europe,
fighting the mighty warriors of Celtica, Belgica, Germania and Britannia.
These nine years of terrible bloodshed are known to us as the Gallic Wars,
which climaxed in Alesia. The victory there resulted in the expansion of
the Roman Republic over the whole of Gaul and paved the way for Ceasar to be
the sole ruler of the Roman Empire. The focus of this title is the land
battles & sieges of Ceasar's Gallic War. The time period, included in
the game (100BC - 50BC) will also allow you tore-fight some of the other
wars of the Late Republic, including the Mithridatic and Serville wars.