Modern Campaigns Fulda Gap '85Fulda Gap '85

Prijs incl. BTW: Euro 42,-
Medium: CD-Rom
Verpakking: Jewel Case
Producent: HPS Simulations
Taal: Volledig Engelstalig
Leeftijdsindicatie: geen
Op. System: Windows98/ME/XP
Min. Configuratie: P200, 32MbRAM, 16MbSVGA
Genre: Strategic Wargame
Gerelateerd met: Modern Campaign Series
Bijzonderheden: - Internet, Netwerk, Modem
                - Scenario Editor
                - Order of Battle Editor

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Nato and Warsaw Pact forces had been staring at each other ocross the Iron Curtain
for 40 years as the Cold War became increasingly hot. During the mid '80's, the
Cold War reached a boiling point as the ideologies of communism and capitalism
were in their most confrontational posture. One spark on the world scene would
be all that would take to ignite these powerful military forces and send them
crashing into each other across the only thing that stood between them in Germany,
the Fulda Gap